Water Heaters

Water heaters are an integral, and often forgotten, part of your daily life. They heat up your water and deliver it to your faucets and appliances through a system of pipes within the floors and walls of your home. Many people take this for granted, until their heaters stop working or spring a leak. The trained technicians at Neighbourhood Plumbing & Heating perform routine maintenance on water heaters to prevent catastrophic failures and keep them running like new.

In the event of a failure, our technicians can repair your existing unit or install a new one. Taking into consideration your household’s needs, our technicians will recommend and install the water heater that is right for your family. Tankless or On Demand water heaters are increasingly popular with South Delta residents. They are smaller and more efficient than traditional units, saving you space and money. Tankless systems also provide limitless hot water, so you will never run out.

Why choose Neighbourhood Plumbing & Heating for Water Heaters?

  • Our technicians can perform professional routine maintenance and repairs on all water heaters

  • Neighbourhood Plumbing & Heating can recommend tankless or traditional water heaters, whatever is right for your needs

  • We take extra care protecting your home during installations

Water Heater installation, service and repairs