Natural gas fireplaces are an efficient and cozy way to heat your home. While your boiler or furnace will heat the whole house at once, using a gas fireplace allows you to heat only the rooms they are in reducing wear and tear on your primary heating system. Also, most units operate without the need for electricity therefore offering convenience during a power outage or if your primary heat source stops working. Additionally gas fireplaces can be a pleasant focal point to a room, adding warmth and style.

Neighbourhood Plumbing & Heating recommends all units are serviced regularly, typically in the fall. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to work on all makes and models, and take care to clean the glass as well as all working parts in the unit during servicing. Should your unit need a repair we have access to replacement parts from manufacturers and can usually find discontinued or hard to find parts through other creative means

Why choose Neighbourhood Plumbing & Heating for Fireplaces?

  • Neighbourhood Plumbing & Heating has many resources to source discontinued and hard to find parts to get your unit operating smoothly

  • Our technicians are trained to maintain and repair all makes and models of your existing gas fireplace

  • We provide annual maintenance that will have your fireplace looking and running like new

Gas fireplace installation, service and repairs